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Safety Guidelines

| Uncategorized | February 22, 2015

“Do it in person and do it in public.”

Be extra cautious of people who make up reasons for why they suddenly can’t meet in person and pressure you to decide fast, especially if cash is involved.

Don’t send money to someone you haven’t met in person
through Western Union or Moneygram
through wire transfer
Buysell.gm has provided a service where you can pay us for your featured Ad, once payment is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation directly from paypal indicating your transaction.

Don’t fall for fake protection programs.
There is no service provided by buysell.gm that “holds the payment until the item was received”.
Buysell.gm does not provide a “Bill of Sale”, receipt or any other transaction assistance.

Beware of checks. It takes a few weeks for your bank to notify you that you deposited a fake check. It’s best to go to the bank with the buyer and get a bank check issued in person.
Never accept extra payment with complicated excuse.
Job Seekers

If the Job offer seems too good to be true, check for references of the employer.
Don’t accept checks sent to you for purposes other than salary.
Don’t trust any scheme where you have to send money to someone, or buy goods from some specific place.
Never send or accept any payment before seeing the place and meeting the landlord.


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